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THE BENEFITS OF PROPER MAINTENANCE FOR YOUR VEHICLE IS AVOIDING EXPENSIVE REPAIR BILLS AND MAINTAINING RELIABILITY, Regular, routine, car maintenance is one element of vehicle ownership that should be considered right along with the purchase price. Not having your car serviced on a regular basis based on owner’s manual recommendations can have dire consequences. Through a regular maintenance program not only will you be changing the oil, checking tire pressures and tread wear, but a good mechanic can spot a problem in its early stages. This can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in repair costs. Additionally, a proven maintenance history, can add value to the re-sale price of your car. New owners may feel better about buying your car knowing you have performed regular maintenance. Here is a list of benefits in addition to those few we just mentioned.
ENSURES YOUR SAFETY: Personal safety is a primary reason you should have your vehicle maintained on a regular basis. A malfunctioning set of brakes or an improper wheel alignment can be detrimental to the safety of your vehicle and can put the safety of the driver, the passengers and anyone in close proximity at risk. Additionally, if not caught early a failing component can cause additional failures potentially increasing repair costs. When you are traveling long distances, every safety component needs to be in tip-top working condition. Autoworks can do a pre-trip inspection of your vehicle if it’s been awhile since your last service. 
PREVENTS LARGER PROBLEMS: Catching a small problem early in the wear cycle is a big part of regular vehicle maintenance. All cars need a regular oil & filter change based on manufacturers recommendations. At the time of this service other parts of the vehicle are checked, you may, for example, have a small leak in your brake line caused by aloose connection. This could pose a risk to driver and passenger safety. It could result in a costly repairs if not caught early. Other examples would be another leak, this time in the motor coolant system. If the hose suddenly becomes completely detached, the engine could quickly overheat due to a lack of coolant. Please respect the “Check Engine” light and bring your car in right away. It’susually just a matter of resetting your computer but it could be an indication something is wrong and needs attention.
ENHANCED RELIABILITY BY PERFORMING MAINTENANCE AT PRESCRIBED INTERVALS. A good way to preserve the reliability of a vehicle is to always have required maintenance performed at the recommended intervals. It’s very important to have the various components of the vehicle inspected such as the battery, brakes, wipers, and coolant hoses. If you drive an older (classic) vehicle you may have to have the rear-end oil checked and manual transmissionoil checked as well. Most drivers expect their vehicle to deliver dependable service daily. Neglecting the required vehicle maintenance dramatically increases the likelihood of you becoming stranded on the side of the road. Routine oil changes and timely tune-ups can make a world of difference in the long-term reliability of your car.
COST-EFFECTIVE, CATCHING A PROBLEM EARLY CAN MEAN AVOIDING A COSTLY LARGER REPAIR: Your vehicle’s owner’s manual will lay out the required maintenance schedules. You may notice some are doubled-up, don’t worry a good mechanic will include many of these “scheduled maintenances” at your regular oil & filter change. For example, if you are coming up on, say, 80,000 miles and you are in for an oil & filter change your mechanic might mention that the manual calls for a serpentine belt replacement. Of course, it’s your call and we will always keep you informed. Better mileage is another benefit of a regular maintenance schedule because air filters and tire pressures are a regularly checked item. A clogged air-filter can reduce mileage considerably and affect the way your engine performs. Under inflate tires can also reduce your vehicles mileage. Considering the rising cost of fuel, keeping these items properly maintained can save you money. As they say, “If you can afford to buy it, you can affordto maintain it”. You might even check on-line for the average cost of maintaining the next car you are considering.
MAINTAINS THE VALUE OF THE VEHICLE: As we mentioned in the introduction, a regular maintenance program can make potential new owners feel better about buying your car, knowing you have maintained it on a regular schedule. Your vehicle could prove to be a valuable asset. Whether you plan on selling your car on the used car market or trading it in to a dealership, buyers most certainly will feel more at ease knowing the car they are buying was well maintained.

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